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Each season is two months long, and winter season are special celebrations and events that occur during all of them. According to Hindu scriptures, the five seasons are:

SHISHIR RITU: Winter Season

The coldest months of the year occur in winter, which is known as Shita Ritu or Shishir Ritu. In 2018, the Winter Season begins on Dec. and ends on Feb.

The two Hindu months of Magha and Phalguna fall during this season. It is time for some important harvest festivals, including LohriPongal, Makar Sankranti, and the Hindu festival of Shivratri .

Winter Season

Winter season refers to the coldest phase of the year. During winter, the hilly regions get covered with snow and sometimes the temperature drops to very low-level. Due to severe weather conditions, people find it difficult to get out of their homes.

At some places, the climate remains moderately cold and is very pleasant. The climate at these places remains very pleasant.

The winter days is the “shortest days” of the year, meaning the least amount of sunlight. The Sun reaches its most southern point in the sky at local noon. After this date, the days start getting “longer,” i.e., the amount of daylight begins to increase.

Winter Season

Joy of winter: We wear woolen clothes to keep ourselves warm. A sip of hot coffee in the morning gives us pleasurable experience. When the climate is moderately cold Winter Season, we can plan a picnic with our friends. We can enjoy many winter activities according to the interest and condition of weather such as ice skating, ice biking, ice hockey, skiing, snowball fighting, building snowman, snow castles, sledging and many more activities.

Features of winter season

  1. The winter temperature remains much lower than other seasons.
  2. Winter season comes after autumn season, but before spring.
  3. Generally, the days are shorter and the nights are longer.
  4. Snow fall occurs at very cold places.

Winter Season

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