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History of Mr Olympia Winners

Mr Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding competition held every year and many of bodybuilding fans including me  are waiting to see who will win the next year’s mr olympia,this is the list of winners of Mr Olympia Winners and greatest bodybuilders of all time.


Somehow it seems unlikely that such a competition of this magnitude began at the Brooklyn Academy Music Hall. It did, the first contest in 1965 was in addition to the numerous competitive titles available, Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Mr. World. Joe Weider created this Mr. Olympia venue as an avenue for competitors to earn money and build careers while enhancing the sport itself.

Since its inception, the backdrop has changed frequently from New York to Essen Germany and even to South Africa in 1975. The first winner was Larry Scott who retired after two victories, followed by Sergio Olivia in 1967, 1968 and 1969. He was competing against Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1970, Schwarzenegger won and held the title until his retirement in 1975 with a grand total of six wins

2016 Mr. Olympia Europe…

In the over 50-year hIstory of Mr. Olympia, Germany has had the honour of being its host country twice. Bodybuilding history was written in both 1972 in Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia) and in 1983 in Munich (Bavaria). One of the highlights in my 57 years in bodybuilding was the 1972 “battle” between Arnold and Sergio, that Arnold finally won. The Olympic Hall in Munich provided a worthy location for the 1983 Olympia debut of Lee Haney, the later record winner, and, for three-time winner Frank Zane, it was his farewell to Olympia. In the following decades, Joe Weider’s vision of creating a contest between the best of the best with Mr. Olympia reached a level that he fortunately was still able to witness. On October 21st and 22nd, Germany now experienced a special comeback with the first Mr. Olympia Europe, which has been accepted by the fans and enthusiastically celebrated throughout the competition.

Competition Day- How it works

The initial round is known as the Prejudging round.  In this phase the judges look at all the qualified bodybuilders and have a look at their overall physique by comparing them against each other on stage through a series of call-outs for comparisons. This stage often gives clues as to who the judges are considering for the top 6.

The final rounds then looks at specific components of the physical body of each of the individual competitors. The scoring is about getting as low score as possible- that is – the lower your score the better.

Round 1: Symmetry

In this round the judges’ focus on the overall symmetry of the athlete’s body, asking them to make various quarter turn pose.

Round 2: Muscularity

Each competitor goes through the mandatory poses. 7 pose exactly. Each competitor is called out 1 by 1 to pose for the judges.

1. Front Double Biceps

2. Side Chest

3. Side Triceps

4. Back Double Bicep

5. Back Lateral Spread

6. Abs and Thigh

7.  Most Muscular Pose

Round 3: Individual Routine

Here each athlete prepares their own routine with their own choice of music and pose the way they want to pose. The Athlete usually exhibits their greatest strengths and hide their weakest body parts through their routines.

Round 4: Pose Down

This is the final round where the top 6 contenders pose together for the judges to have one final look of comparison before submitting their scorecards.

Mr Olympia Winners

The very best of the best in bodybuilding in 2013 (Jay Cutler, Shawn Rhoden, Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson and Dennis Wolf)

Overall Results for Joe Weider’s Mr Olympia 2013 (Top 16)

  1. Phil Heath
  2. Kai Greene
  3. Dennis Wolf
  4. Shawn Rhoden
  5. Dexter Jackson
  6. Jay Cutler
  7. Roelly Winklaar
  8. Mamdouh Essbiay (Big Ramy)
  9. Branch Warren
  10. Lionel Beyeke
  11. Victor Martinez
  12. Cedric McMillan
  13. Evan Centopani 
  14. Steve Kuclo
  15. Toney Freeman
  16. Jonnie O. Jackson

2016 Mr. Olympia Results and Payout

Position Competitor Payout
1 Phil Heath $400,000
2 Shawn Rhoden $150,000
3 Dexter Jackson $100,000
4 Big Ramy $55,000
5 William Bonac $45,000
6 Roelly Winklaar $35,000
7 Cedric McMillan $25,000
8 Dallas McCarver $20,000
9 Josh Lenartowicz $18,000
10 Justin Compton $16,000
Source: Mr Olympia Winners

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