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Ayurvedic bodybuilding supplement in india

Ayurvedic bodybuilding Supplement Its good for health. Ayurvedic bodybuilding and muscle toning supplements were also famous during the time.

These are the benefits described to regular exercise:

Ayurvedic bodybuilding Supplement Meaning:-

Regular exercise brings lightness to the body and keeps the body healthy and active throughout the day.
It improves digestive power.
It burns fat and makes body strong and sturdy.

ayurvedic bodybuilding Supplement

  • Who should do only limited exercise?

Those who have Vata and Pitta predominant body constitution, who are too young or too old, and those suffering from indigestion – they better avoid or do less of exercises.

  • What kind of food is good for gym and exercise?

Snigha bhojana – unctuous food articles – Ghee, carbohydrate and protein rich food articles. This is because, gym and exercise tend to Vata, to mitigate which, the above food is advised.

  • Which are the seasons best for Vyayama?

During winter and spring one can do the full range of exercises. in rest of the periods, it can be done with care and in limit. This is because Ayurveda explains – Bala (strength) of an individual will be maximum in winter and spring.

  • How long one should do Vyayama or exercise:

Upto half of one’s original strength. Till one is having heavy breathing with sweating from forehead, arms and thighs. till that time, it is advised to do exercise.

  • What are the harms of over – exercising?

Ayurveda says, Over- exercising leads to depletion in body tissues, hunger imbalance, depleted desire and depleted body growth.

It is also quite commonly seen that the over exercise and gym practices leads to an abnormal hunger level, leading to obesity, and many cardiac and respiratory problems, a feeling of excessive tiredness, fatigue etc.

  • Which is the best time for gym?

Ayurveda explains morning as the best time for exercise. The routine as prescribed by Ayurveda is – to get up at 5 AM, to attend to daily rituals, and then to exercise.

During morning hours, since all the organs are at rest and are ready to get pumping, it is more sensible to go for gym in the morning. That does not mean that one should not do exercise in evening but one gets easily tired out and feels sleepy, if exercised in evening hours.

ayurvedic bodybuilding Supplement

  • Ayurvedic herbal supplements to increase muscle tone:

Ashwagandhadi Lehya is the main product that Ayurveda prescribes for an improved muscle tone and fitness. It is also called as Ajaswagandhadi Leham. It is available in both veg and non veg forms.

ayurvedic bodybuilding Supplement


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