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Autumn Meaning In Hindi

Autumn Meaning in Hindi

Noun: autumn meaning hindi

  1. पतझड़
  2. पतनकाल
  3. बुढ़ापा (m)
  4. शरत्
  5. शरद
  6. पतझड़
  7. शरद् (m)
  8. हेमंत (m)
  9. शरद ऋतु (f)
  10. शरत्काल


  1. शरद का


Each season is two months long, and there are special celebrations and events that occur during all of them. Autumn meaning hindi According to Hindu scriptures, the five seasons are:


autumn meaning hindi

autumn meaning hindi is called Sharad Ritu when the hot weather recedes gradually in most parts of India. In 2018, it begins on september.and end on november.

The two Hindu months of Ashwin and Kartik fall during this season. It is the festival time in India, with the most important Hindu festivals occurring, among them NavaratriVijayadashami and Sharad Purnima.

autumn meaning hindi

Autumn is at war with the rain. The sunny weather of Autumn wipes off the footprints of the rainy season. The muddy paths are dried up. Bogs and swamps are no more seen. The marshy-land gets dried and ditches are dried too. The mud in the water goes down unto the beds and the water looks clear and blue. It is transparent.

Natural Sight.

Autumn is decked with the beauties of nature. The dry clouds float in the sky. Sometimes clouds drizzle and sometimes they rain a few drops. The beautiful Autumnal flowers are in bloom. We see many kinds of lotus in ponds. They are white, blue and red. The glossy moon of Autumn beams bright. The moonlit sky looks like a beautiful blue glass. The Autumnal breeze passes through the green bought of the trees and leaves rustle. They make a dreamland of light and shade. The cool touch of the Autumnal wind works magic in us. We feel a thrilling sensation all over body and new vision come to our mind.

In early autumn the weather is sunny, warm and bright. The temperature is rather high – 10 – 12 degrees above zero. We call this period the Indian summer. 

In late autumn the weather gets cooler. It often rains. The weather is cloudy, rainy and wet. The days become shorter and the nights longer. The temperature is lower– 5– 7 degrees above zero. Birds go away to warmer countries. Autumn is a beautiful season. The leaves are red, brown, orange, green and yellow. They fall down to the ground. Autumn is a dull season, but it is a “tasty” season, because there are a lot of fruit and vegetables in autumn: apples and pears, plums and grapes, carrots and cabbages, potatoes and cucumbers, tomatoes and beet. 

 Autumn is a season when a school-year begins.


Autumn is cool and beautiful. It is highly praised by the lovers of beauties. Great poets of past and present have sung praise of Autumn. Hence, we welcome this Nature seasons.

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